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meet your new favorite graphic design tool:

Color Palette Builder

Color Palette Builder

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An easy, interactive online tool that helps you create semi-custom, ready-to-use color palettes. Create over 35 BILLION unique color palettes with this tool.

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Use this tool to create more than 35 BILLION unique color palettes.

(Seriously. I actually sat down and did the math.)

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It's the first (and only) color palette tool to combine graphic design styles and functionality

Choose from our menu of 12+ popular graphic design styles to find the color style that fits your project perfectly.

Then, use the color palette 'recipe' and approved colors to build a semi-custom palette. This tool has built-in rules of functionality to provide you with semi-custom, ready-to-use color palettes for any brand or website.

Every single color palette will have high-contrast pairings that will make your project beautiful and WCAG-accessible.

How to use the Color Palette Builder

STEP 01: Choose your design style
STEP 02: Build your color palette
STEP 03: Test your color palette
STEP 04: Export your new palette

step 01

Choose your design style

Choose from the menu of 10+ unique graphic design styles.

Each style comes with a list of common visual elements, a short video from Sam, AND a custom-curated Pinterest® board with tons of inspiration.

Step 02

Build your color palette

Each design style comes with it's own 'ingredients' and step-by-step 'recipe', so you can create flawless color palettes every time.

Simply use the eyedropper tool and follow the 'recipe' to create as many palettes as you'd like.

Step 03

Test your colors for contrast

Use the built-in Color Palette Tester® to find your high-contrast, accessible pairings.

Find all of the pairings with a contrast score of 4.5 or higher in just ONE easy click.

Step 04

Export your gorgeous new color palette

You get free access to the Color Palette Style guides so you can easily export your color palettes and send them off to your client in minutes (not hours).

This tool is for...

✓ Graphic Designers

✓ Web Designers

✓ Artists

✓ Illustrators

✓ Brand Strategists

✓ And anyone who deals with color in their projects!

Meet the Design Styles

Plus, get lifetime access to updates + the new design styles we add!

  • Design Styles + Moodboards

    Shop from the ever-growing list of design styles and mood boards. Each design style includes:

    • a curated mood board
    • a history of the style
    • common visual elements
    • personality traits + values
  • Color Palette Formulas

    Each Design Style has a custom color palette formula. Simply use the eyedropper tool to build a perfect color palette in 60 seconds or less.

    These formulas are designer-approved, which means they have built-in accessibility + perfect vibes.

  • Color Palette Tester

    We integrated our original (& fan favorite) tool: The Color Palette Tester.

    In 1 click, you'll be able to test the color palette for contrast + select your favorite pairings

  • AI Name Generator

    Customize your color names with our AI powered Color Name Generator. Get creative with it- create custom names based on your industry, design style, or favorite pop culture moment.

  • Color Palette Style Guides

    You get free access to the Color Palette Style guides so you can easily export your color palettes and send them off to your client in minutes (not hours).

    Available as Canva, Figma, and Adobe Illustrator templates.

  • Save Your Palettes for Later

    Our most-requested feature is finally here. You can now click 'generate URL' to get a save-able link so you can access your palette in 1 click.

    Want to share the palette with a client? Easy peasy. You can export your palette as a PDF in seconds.

This tool will save you HOURS by helping you create perfect color palettes, every. single. time.

This tool has built-in functionality rules so you can ONLY create high-contrast, usable color palettes for your brand.

Each semi-custom color palette takes 60 seconds or less to create.

With over 35 BILLION color palette combinations, it's easy to create a unique palette for every project.

See the Color Palette Builder in action 👀

Hey, I'm Sam.

This is gonna sound crazy, but the idea for the Color Palette Builder came to me one night as I was trying to fall asleep. I leaped out of bed and grabbed a pen to sketch out the idea for this tool. It just felt... special.
Creating color palettes comes easy to me- so I'm thrilled to share a tool that helps make them easy for YOU, too.
Your color palette is more than a collection of pretty colors. It's a representation of your values, ideals, and ~vibe~.
Creating color palettes should be FUN.
That's why I built this tool. I wanted to share the magic of color palettes with designers & brands all around the world, but in a way that felt creative & easy.

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get lifetime access to all future updates

With your one-time purchase, you'll get access to all future upgrades + updates.

Each time we add a new design style or an upgrade to this tool, you'll be grandfathered in.

Pretty neat, eh?

kind words

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "I absolutely LOVE the Color Palette Builder! Choosing the perfect color palette for my designs has always been a struggle for me (how can I decide when I love all the colors?!), but this tool makes it so easy to craft palettes that are cohesive and on-brand. THANK YOU!!!"

    -Brandy C.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "Can confirm... this tester has been so helpful for my design process!"

    -Alyssa L.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "I've been stuck on my own branding colors for my biz and your color tester made it come together. Love love love 🔥"

    -Brenda C.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "I just used this. I am in love. This is going to help me so much in my business whether I am designing items to sell or working with my cleints. Absolutely unbelievable."

    -Lori B.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "I love this tool. It has saved me countless hours in coming up for the perfect color palette for my brand. It's also been a fun inspiration to turn to when I need to get work done and am just feeling a in a slump. Perusing through the different Styles, watching the videos, and even learning a bit about the history of the styles is enough to jump start my creative brain."


  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "This tool is amazing. I love color but have always had a hard time coming up with cohesive palettes on my own. This tool solves that problem. I can't wait to see what future design styles will be added. "

    -Erin S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Color Palette Builder work?

You'll get instant access to the web app. Simple shop the design styles and use the eyedropper tool to create your own semi-custom color palettes.

Is it a one-time payment or subscription?

Your license is a one-time purchase which gives you access to the template.

What's included?

With the purchase of the Color Palette Builder, you get instant access to:

The Color Palette Builder- our online web app that includes:

  • 12+ unique design styles
  • Custom mood boards, style descriptions, and design tips
  • A custom 'recipe' and 'ingredients' list for color palettes that use each style
  • The Color Palette Tester™
  • The Color Palette Style Guides- 10+ Canva templates to display & showcase your color palettes

Do I need fancy software to use this?

Not at all! The Color Palette Builder is a tool that we host on our own website as a simple web app.

The free bonus Style Guides are available in Canva, Figma, and Adobe Illustrator.

This tool works best with Google Chrome. It's functional with other browsers, but you get the MOST features with Google Chrome, which is what I recommend using.

Can I use this for my clients?

What's the refund policy?

Does this tool use AI?

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Can I use this for my clients?


Your license includes:
-personal use (use it for yourself)
-commercial use (use it for your client projects)

Your license does NOT include resale. You are not permitted to duplicate, copy, or resell this product.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products, this product is non-refundable. If you have a question before downloading, please email ''.