Why you'll ♥ the Color Buddy:

  • You Can Create Custom Color Profiles

    Create individual palettes & usage rules for multiple brands- making this a DREAM for designers.

  • Keep Your Color Palettes Easy to Access

    This tool saves your color palettes so you can access them in seconds. Plus, toggle between HEX, RGB, and CMYK for easy color code copying.

  • Save Your Favorite Color Pairings

    With this tool, you can keep a list of your favorite background + foreground color pairings for super easy access.

You'll love this tool if you're...

✓ a designer (web, brand, etc.)

✓ a freelancer who works with clients

✓ a digital entrepreneur or creator

✓ tired of clicking 273 times just to find your brand colors

made with ♥ by the Color Palette Studio

We're a husband & wife duo and we had the idea for the Color Buddy on a neighborhood walk. We made it 100% free as a thank-you to this incredible community.

This tool was made with happy vibes and a lot of Nitro Cold Brew. ☺