An expertly curated database of font pairings ☺

Create your brand font menu in 60 seconds or less!

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meet your new favorite graphic design tool:

Font Pairing Guide

Font Pairing Guide

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A Notion database of expertly curated, mix-and-match font pairings: sorted by price, design style, and functionality. ☺

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this tool will make you fall in love with your font pairings

Apologies in advance if this makes you 'cheat' on your current fonts. They might need a refresh. 😉

How to use the Font Pairing Guide ↓

step 01

Choose your design style

Choose from the menu of 10+ unique graphic design styles.

Each style comes with a list of common visual elements, font styles that match, and keywords to find fonts in this style.

Step 02

Choose a heading font

Each design style comes with a menu of free and premium heading font recommendations.

Choose 1-2 heading fonts from this section to showcase your brand personality & design style.

Step 03

Choose your body font

Shop from the database of 30+ body font recommendations with these at-a-glance previews.

Plus- you'll know which fonts are free, which are premium, and which are already available in Canva.

Step 04

Export your fancy new font pairings

Enjoy 8 fully-editable Font Style Guides. You can use these templates to create font customization rules (letter spacing, font weight, etc.) and preview how your fonts will work together.

Templates are available in Canva.

This tool is for...

✓ Graphic Designers

✓ Web Designers

✓ Artists

✓ Illustrators

✓ Brand Strategists

✓ And anyone who deals with fonts in their projects!

See the Font Pairing Guide in action 👀

Hey, I'm Sam.

I'm a graphic designer and font collector.
Building font pairings comes easy to me- so I'm thrilled to share a tool that helps make them easy for YOU, too.
That's why I built this tool. I wanted to share the magic of font pairings with designers & brands all around the world, but in a way that felt creative & easy.

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Create font pairings like a PRO.

Font Pairings are a lot like color palettes- there's a formula to get them *just right*.

This guide gives you all the tools & formulas that you need to create expensive-looking font menus for your brand.

get lifetime access to all future updates

With your one-time purchase, you'll get access to all future upgrades + updates.

Each time we add a new design style or an upgrade to this tool, you'll be grandfathered in.

Pretty neat, eh?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Font Pairing Guide work?

Immediately after your purchase, you'll get a link to access:

  • a Notion template with a database of heading font + body font recommendations, sorted by price and design style
  • Canva templates for sharing your font pairings

Does this include the fonts?

This does NOT include any actual fonts. This guide is a collection of curated font recommendations. There are free fonts (available on Google Fonts) and premium fonts (available for licensing from typographers).

Please be sure to choose the proper license for each font that you use.

Is it a one-time payment or subscription?

Your license is a one-time purchase which gives you access to the template.

Do I need fancy software to use this?

This tool uses the free version of Notion and the free version of Canva. You shouldn't need any fancy softwares to use it. ☺

Can I use this for my clients?


Your license includes:
-personal use (use it for yourself)
-commercial use (use it for your client projects)

Your license does NOT include resale. You are not permitted to duplicate, copy, or resell this product.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products, this product is non-refundable. If you have a question before downloading, please email ''.