The Importance of Neutrals

The Importance of Neutrals

If you've ever found yourself spending hours on tweaking your website's color palette—only to feel like something is STILL missing—you're not alone. That missing piece might just be the unassuming, yet powerful, neutral colors.
By neutrals, I mean:
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
People often ignore these colors, but they're really, REALLY important. 
Here's why you should include 2-5 neutral shades in your website's color scheme:

The Quiet Power of Neutral Colors

You might think neutral colors are boring compared to a seductive pink or attention-grabbing green. But these simple colors can set a mood, too. A light beige can make your website feel welcoming. A clean white background can make things easy to read and look simple. Neutrals have power

Give Your Eyes a Break

Too many bright colors can be overwhelming. Neutral colors are like the quiet parts in a busy song; they give your eyes a rest. This makes your website easier to look at and navigate. 

Make Important Things Stand Out

If you want people to notice your call-to-action buttons or your cool logo, put them against a neutral background. It makes these elements really pop. A bright blue button gets lost on a bright pink background, but it shines on a neutral background. 

Mix and Match the Right Way

Not all neutral colors go well with other colors. Make sure the neutral shades you pick work well with the other colors on your site. 
Pro tip: if your palette skews more to warm colors, use warm neutrals (like beige tones). If your palette skews more to cool colors, use cool neutrals (like grey tones). 

Here are some of my favorite neutrals ↓

To sum up: 

Don't be afraid to use neutrals! I always include at least 1-2 neutral colors in my palettes. You can still be a colorful, fun brand AND use neutral colors in your palette. 
And if anyone tells you otherwise, send 'em to me. ;) 
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